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What is the easiest way to read someone's mind? Perhaps it is to look at all their internet searches made over time. At Algorithm Research, we have done exactly that. Our algorithms have tracked billions of google searches made by Turkish residents to identify emerging trends in consumption and investments. Top searches are the highest number of searches made for the keyword within a given period. Rising searches are those that have seen the highest growth in volume.


Internet penetration in Turkey was at ~74% in 2019[¹], making an analysis of digital searches meaningful for insights on consumer patterns, behavior and changing preferences. Google search is extensively used all over the world and accounts for about 3.5 billion searches in a day.


The report helps in gaining a better understanding of emerging trends post COVID as people make lifestyle changes to respond to the "new normal". Consumption (private and government) is the biggest contributor to GDP of a country and thus keeping a close watch on changing consumer preferences can help us not only gauge the direction of growth but also helps analyze the impact on financial markets.

Turkey: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

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