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Back in the day when mobile internet penetration was low, sell-side analysts would do roadtrips to the markets they were tracking. Today with mobile and internet penetration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being 95.7%[¹], gauging consumer demand, sentiment or for that matter future demand has become more efficient and reliable. Digital search analysis can help us gain valuable insights into the consumers' minds. 

This report analyzes the terms or keywords searched over Google in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to highlight emerging trends, sentiments and make predictions on consumption behavior of the residents.

The report helps in gaining a better understanding of the current state of affairs in the country and people's reaction towards these events. Insights from this report can also be a useful guide in assessing the residents' minds in terms of employment, investments and consumer expenditure.

Saudi Arabia: A Digital Roadtrip

290٫00AED Regular Price
145٫00AEDSale Price
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