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2050: World Cereal demand accounting for climate change

Food security, specially in the context of climate change, is one of the greatest challenges faced by governments and policy makers today. One of the ways to prepare for the future is to estimate the change in demand for food accounting for climate change. The International Food Policy Research Institute's IMPACT model estimates that by 2050, demand for cereals at the global level will rise by 40% vis. a. vis. 2010. Regional trends vary with the highest rise in demand for cereals coming in from Africa & the Middle East (106% from 2010 to 2050) and the least from Europe & former Soviet Union (13% from 2010 to 2050).

The Middle-East is predicted to see a 78% increase in cereal demand by 2050 (vs. 2010) primarily led by Jordan (187%), Iraq (144%) and Saudi Arabia (141%). Meanwhile, lowest growth in cereal demand in the region is forecasted to come from Morocco (31%), Iran (39%) and Lebanon (40%).

Source: IFPRI & Algorithm Research

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