Investment Outlook Summit | 15 April 2021 | Dubai

Investment Outlook Summit 2021

Why: 2020 was an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the adoption of technology and innovation quicker than ever imagined. At the individual level, the 'new normal' has led to a change in consumption patterns. From online shopping and online banking we have made great strides to include online schooling into our daily lives. Just like we adopted edtech, we have also integrated Zoom and Google Meet to transform our home-office into a legit workplace. With all these changes in the work patterns, we no longer need those extra pairs of business suits or the formal shoes like we did pre-COVID. Makeup is lasting much longer than it used to and travelling for work (even otherwise) is still not imminent. More time at home has translated into moving out of the smaller city apartments into larger sub-urban houses for some and has definitely led to a spike in demand for home improvement goods (furniture, plants etc). If consumption patterns are changing (and are likely to be sticky even post vaccine), what does it mean in terms of the future of Global Investments? Edtech, e-retailers, ESG investments have already seen a boost but what are the nuances of each of these and also the pros and cons? What is the future of cities with employees having greater flexibility to work from home even post vaccine? What: With these questions as our starting point, Algorithm Research is hosting the UAE's most exclusive, invite-only event - The Investment Outlook Summit 2021! Join us as we explore evolving megatrends and what it means for business looking ahead. This knowledge-packed conference is set to reveal exclusive insights to help build resilience and navigate change. Who will attend: Family offices, asset managers, corporates, government organisations When: 15 April 2021 Where: Dubai, UAE For sponsorship enquiries email or call +971567137052.

Topics for Panel Discussions

Panel 1: Macroeconomics - How private consumption influences Investment Panel 2: Cities of the future Panel 3: Skills of the future Panel 4: Sustainable Investment Panel 5: Trade and Diplomacy in the era of Localisation Panel 6: Hospitality and it's reinvention post COVID Panel 7: Health-tech in the post COVID world

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